Sunday, September 15

Provider's getting support for Patient Engagement

Tomorrow  as part of a  new strategy to build on the critical importance of patient engagement under new payment models (ACO, PCMH, etc) and new quality initiatives that measure patient satisfaction; a number of the 62 Regional Extension Centers across the US are announcing new patient engagement service lines for providers in their regions. 

Over 143,000 providers (over 43% of all primary care physicians in the US) have worked with the REC's during their EHR implementation process and they are a trusted impartial consulant to many small practices, community health centers and critical access hospitals.  

1)      Michigan Center for Effective IT Adoption (M-CEITA) / Altarum -  

2)      Key Health Alliance - REC in Minnesota and North Dakota -

3)      Iowa Health Information Network REC - Telligen;jsessionid=6b870dc6a7111d3cecfdecf6d016

More REC's are already preparing to roll out other patient engagement services for providers over the next few months so providers can reach out to them now to make sure they are first in line. 

I will be posting more detailed information throughout the day. 


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