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Washington State Exchange CIO recruitment

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange is seeking a Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

The   Washington Health  Benefit  Exchange  (Exchange)  is  a  statewide  marketplace  for  individuals   and small  businesses in  Washington  State  to  purchase   private   health  insurance coverage  and   have   access  to   tax  credits ,  reduced cost   sharing,  and  public  programs   such   as Medicaid.  The   Exchange, a  key  provision   of   the   federal   Patient   Protection and   Affordable Care  Act, was developed as a state based marketplace and became operational (i.e., accepted its first enrollees)  on October  1,   2013  for  health   insurance  coverage   beginning on January  1,  2014.  The Washington Exchange is branded as the Washington Healthplanfinder.  

Visit the Exchange website at  for more information. 

Chief Information Officer’s Role : Reporting to the CEO of the Exchange, the CIO will oversee all technology implementation and maintenance necessary to meet the business requirements of the Exchange including assessing  system ’ s   needs, system development and implementation and system operations. The technology systems are the foundational platform of the Exchange that will allow the Exchange to perform all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the mandated functions determined by the Washington State Legislature.

The CIO will be responsible for the long - term planning of technology initiatives to meet the requirements of a functioning Exchange and a public, high traffic, web site. Because of the complex nature of the IT system requirements of the Exchange from the ACA and its   inter - relationships with current systems housed and managed within the Health Care Authority (Medicaid), Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS, ACES eligibility system) and Office of Insurance Commissioner (OIC plan reporting requirements), the CIO must be able to establish leadership of the Exchange responsibilities of the IT system build, as well as collaborate and coordinate closely with these partner state agencies.

The Exchange is an equal employment opportunity employer.  

Experience Required:  Seven to ten years ’  experience, with increasing responsi bilities, for the management and support of information systems and information technology.  A recognized leader in information technology with a track record of successful implementations and client satisfaction.  Direct responsibility for managing at least one major (greater than $25M) IT installation and operation. General knowledge of business processes and their interrelationships, especially in the health ca re industry and the ability to analyze and resolve complex issues, both logical and interperson al. Strong operational and organizational skills and experience in managing groups of analysts and developers working on complex system projects to meet deliverables within tight timeframes. Knowledge and understanding of the state legislative process, fis cal note production procedures and processes, WACs and federal laws and policies regarding the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Desired Characteristics and Education : Persuasive leader and motivator; ability to manage a fast- paced organization with multiple and complex priorities. Exceptional interpersonal, problem- solving and communication skills, especially as it relates to translating technical language to lay audiences.
Degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or a related field.
Advanced degree preferred.

Qualified candidates: Please send your resume and cover letter to:

All replies are confidential and persons of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to  apply.

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