Wednesday, May 15

eHealth News May 14th

·        Mostashari: 3 tactics to redesign care and reap HIT GovHealthIT

·         Expert Healthcare Hackers – The Health Care Blog

·         How does provider-developer collaboration improve health IT? – EHRIntelligence

·      Patient-facing information systems raise HIPAA concerns SearchHealthIT

·         ONC Webinar Reveals Details of Data Exchange Projects Information Week

·         MU for mHealth? Why telemedicine should get better fasterEHRIntelligence

·         Patient access to EHRs: How much is too much? PhysBizTech

·         EHR Vendors With Low Attestation Numbers Have Greater User Satisfaction–Becker’s Hospital Review

·         Physician series: Thorough training made EHR adoption easyEHRIntelligence

·         Hospitals Lose $8.3 Billion Using Old TechnologySciTechToday

·         How we can realize Health IT’s full potential by looking at its setbacks – VentureBeat

·         Why an Everyday Player is NEVER the Designated HitterHealthDataManagement

·          Health care records to go electronic Connect Amarillo

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