Monday, April 9

HealthBox gives birth to first 10 Healthcare Startups

Healthbox - one of the new healthcare incubator firms - launched their first set of 10 Startups in Chicago last week. Twitter @health_box

2012 Class


Portland, Oregon

An enterprise social platform helping patients and healthcare providers connect, coordinate, and engage
CareHubs is an interactive communication platform for healthcare consumers, payers and providers. Unlike private patient websites, our platform not only offers consumers a secure social network with robust care coordination tools, it also integrates dynamic communication channels from the sponsor so they can offer targeted and relevant information even after the patient has left their care. With news, online support groups,event management & videos, CareHubs is like a Facebook that serves targeted care support, rather than ads. Twitter @carehubs


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Patient engagement solution that utilizes automated patient text messaging to increase billable appointment yield, visualize patient satisfaction in near-real-time, and improve provider performance.

CareWire is a patient engagement platform that gathers pre-appointment (scheduling) and post-appointment (visit summary) provider data and automatically conducts one and two way text message conversations with patients. Patient engagement conversations may include automated enrollment, pre-appointment preparation, post-appointment surveys and compliance/referral follow through. Twitter @carewire


Seattle, Washington

Connecting qualified patients with ongoing clinical research studies through a comprehensive online platform
Corengi has developed an online search engine to help patients find clinical trials that are clinically appropriate. Based on licensable data from, this engine includes all ongoing trials in the U.S and Canada, and is available both on the Corengi website and as an embeddable widget. We provide augmented exposure and leads for paying clinical trial sponsors and also offer a new revenue stream for health-related websites that display the widget. (Demo video: Twitter @Corengi

My Coupon Doc

Atlanta, Georgia

Centralized platform that allows consumers to access manufacturer discounts on prescription and OTC meds
My Coupon Doc revolutionizes the medicine purchasing process by aggregating pharmaceutical discounts for prescription and over the counter medications. Shopping smart for medications is currently very difficult – discounts are hard to locate and price comparisons are only accessible at the point of purchase. My Coupon Doc solves both of these problems with an easy-to-use online platform. Twitter @CouponDoc


Atherton, California

Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant application enabling remote diagnosis of dermatology cases
There are ~90 million clinical dermatology cases in the US each year, a $1.75B market. Patients wait for weeks to see a dermatologist. Dermatologists need more efficient operations to reduce patient wait times. DermLink offers dermatologists a fast, easy, and free way to set up a tele-dermatology practice and instantly access a high volume of patients, and enables patients to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription within 24 hours, and if recommended, schedule a follow-up appointment within 24 hours of the tele-consult. Twitter @Derm_Link


Atlanta, Georgia

Mobile billing solution that eliminates lost charges & creates cash flow for private practice physicians

SwiftPayMD helps physicians capture billions of dollars in lost charges each year. Used by private practice physicians seeing patients at the hospital, SwiftPayMD captures billing information on a mobile device and instantaneously delivers this to the physician’s home office billing staff, eliminating inefficient, paper-based processes that result in charges that are lost or delayed. Twitter @iconicdata
note swiftpay uses iconic data as twitter handle

Cara Health

Dublin, Ireland

System with machine learning capabilities that identifies patients at high risk of readmission
The Cara Health Machine Learning system analyzes patients’ language and determines key features of their health status based on linguistic and non-linguistic features. Our innovative clinical workflow supports lay care operatives by guiding them through a semi-structured interaction with the patient. Patients respond to health-related quantitative (surveys, scales) and qualitative (natural language) questions in a number of dimensions covering areas such as illness, medication, etc. Care guides are presented with an easy to understand clinical dashboard that flags patients at risk of readmission which facilitates decision-making for early intervention(s).Twitter @cara_health

Push Wellness

Chicago, Illinois

Outcomes-based wellness incentive provider that drives health behavior change, benefiting participants and employers
PUSH Wellness pays outcomes-based employee wellness incentives centered on verified changes in five health measures: BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking status, and fitness. We apply principles of behavioral economics (cash payouts, bonuses, penalties, etc.) to effect change in users. Monthly paychecks and direct deposit notifications are accompanied by targeted messaging to inform, educate and motivate. Users can track progress, set goals and participate in health competitions using the interactive web portal. Twitter @Push_Wellness


Evanston, Illinois

Hand Washing 2.0
SwipeSense provides caregivers with a portable hand-sanitation device in combination with real-time data analytics to increase compliance and reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs). The pager-size device clips on to scrubs and uses a roller-pump mechanism to dispense sanitizer with the swipe of a hand. An embedded WiFi chip transmits compliance data from individual devices to our servers, accessible via a web application. Twitter @swipsense

United Preference

Princeton, New Jersey

Prepaid card platform used by health plans and employers to drive healthy consumer spending
UnitedPreference is revolutionizing healthcare and wellness through progressive consumer spending, by developing the first global Tailored Spend™ network. Our breakthrough technology empowers consumers to live healthier lives, encouraging long-term lifestyle changes, creating benefits of greater individual responsibility, and dramatically reducing costs. Twitter @UtdPreference

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