Monday, February 27

PCORI - Summary of National LIstening Day

Harlan Weisman, MD 10 key themes today 

  1.  Hearing patient voice and opening door to their active involvmemnt
  2.  Need for change – current system doesn’t seem to work well for patients, clinicians, care givers – don’t know where to turn for to get information about their disease
  3. Transparency and Openness about all aspects of what PCORI is going to do as well as in health care system
  4. Participation – all stakeholders involved from the research agenda to reporting
  5. Real world health care – not just in a lab or research center but something you can use at the point of care
  6. Rigorous science
  7. Communication and dissemination including teaching of patients, clinicians, policy makers and others
  8. Need to understand drivers of behavioral change
  9. Actionable research
  10. Need for partnerships and collaboration

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