Saturday, March 19

Patient 2.0 Principals - Draft March 2011

Last year's The San Francisco meeting developed seven guidelines we must follow if we wish to dramatically change the health system:

1. Engage emotionally AND analytically

2. Let patients control their own data (and add to it)

3. Include the patient’s voice in decision-making (care, development, policy)

4. Engage people and provide services wherever they are

5. Recognize all stakeholders – patients, caregivers, and providers –
as equal partners with different roles

6. Network everyone, including those who aren’t online

7. Here’s the real ROI: Recognize Our Impact.

At this 2-hour meeting, we’ll review those Patient 2.0 tenets, brainstorm themes and ideas for moving forward, and drive toward some next steps for convening a Patients 2.0 session just prior to the Health 2.0 Conference scheduled for September back in San Francisco.

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