Friday, April 2

Key Lessons Learned from 10 EHR Implementations

Workflow Redesign in Support of the Use of Information Technology Within Healthcare - 
A HIMSS Toolkit

  • Organizations who focused on the patient derived other benefits that were important to their key stakeholders, including improved quality, greater efficiency and lower costs.
  • Assuming you have selected a certified product, the organizational culture and effort rather than product is a better predictor of success
  • Workflow processes must be re-engineered, including clinic policies and procedures, job descriptions and scheduling and billing workflows.
  • Physician involvement is key to successes but involve all key stakeholders from the beginning – including patients.
  • Develop a plan to manage change and provide governance to ensure rapid decision making.
  • Demonstrate the support of senior leadership, communicate frequently and build consensus.

These same lessons learned should be applied and implemented at the National Level as we move to implement both the NHIN and to fund EHR projects across the US. The missing first step of communication with senior leadership and focusing on the patients needs seems to be lacking still at ONC and CMS however as evidenced by the current.

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