Saturday, September 27

MU Stage 2 - view download "OR" Transmit 48% achieved it with portals

I often hear doctors lamenting how they shouldn't be held accountable for getting 5% of their patients to log on and view download and transmit their health data. They don't need to!  It is a misunderstanding between what the EHR is required to offer vs what patients are being asked to do.

Although EHR's have to have the ability to do all three view, download AND Transmit to be certified  order for providers and hospitals to meet MU State 2 patients only have to view or download or transmit (NOT AND).

This is critical since it means all you need is to have 5% of patients log onto the portal and view their data.. In those hospitals that have a patient portal 48% of patients log on which is 9x the threshold.

ONC as part of the blue button campaign blurred the lines between what an EHR has to have built in and what providers and hospitals and patients need to do..

Of course it is nice to be able to download data but very often you just want to see it and perhaps print it vs send it someplace else.. Eventually when EHR"s are able to "receive" data this might be of value (since in some areas patients are still the defacto HIE).

Also just as an FYI - nearly all of primary care requires providers asking patients to "do" something in order to manage their chronic conditions or heal from a trauma or other injury so I don't accept it when I hear doctors claim that they shouldn't be held accountable for their patients actions when in fact that is the core of much of their job.  It also however might explain why there is a real disconnect between patients confidence (a surrogate for patient engagement and directly linked to outcomes and patient satisfaction) in managing their health and providers expectations.

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