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HIMSS13 eConnecting with Consumers Guide & Suggested Sessions

HIMSS13 Patient Engagement Sessions

The HIMSS eConnecting with Consumers Committee will also host the inaugural Patient Experience Through Health IT Forum at HIMSS13 on Tuesday. This day-long forum will answer the question “Is digitally engaging with your patients worth the effort?” The forum’s three education sessions promise to explain the why and how of patient engagement too. @ReginaHoliday , celebrated artist and patient advocate, will be painting during these sessions to reinforce the forum’s message: digital patient engagement is worth it.

                 Patient Experience Forum/Member Sessions    Social Media Tweetups

Tuesday, March 5
Making Patients Your Partners in Satisfying MU Stage 2 Objectives: Case Studies in Patient Engagement Session 64
Speakers: Eric Manley | Simeon Schwartz, MD | David Rowe

Meaningful Use Stage I introduced the concept of communicating and sharing health information with patients using digital media. Stage II requires takes the bar to an entirely new level requiring the use of digital channels of communication like PHR's and patient portals to share health histories, and communicate using secure messaging, and reminding patients about important health events and activities. Early adopters of Personal Health IT learned that making the data available is not enough to motivate patients. The new IT systems, tools and platforms must be integrated into the provider's workflow if patients are to become actively engaged in their health.
Session 64
Room 252
Knowledge Center: Tackling the "Achilles Heel" of Mobile Medicine
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Lobby G, SM Center
1:00- 2:00PM
Using Health IT to Engage Patients in Underserved Communities
Session 95
Room 387
We live in an experience economy where people expect real time access to their health care team and health care information that is fits into their life. Practices that have implemented patient centered tools like secure patient portals, email access, mobile health, text messaging and patient centered engagement strategies have seen patient satisfaction improve, at the same time practice efficiency and financial results have improved. Those health care providers and practices that can provide these value-added services will not only retain existing clients but attract the most sophisticated new patients as well.

Session 83
Room 252
2:15-3:15 PM

Patients are the most underutilized resource in the U.S. health system, testified Dr. Charles Safran to Congress in 2004. Eight years later, the Holy Grail of patient/health engagement continues to challenge health providers and payers. Over those eight years, consumers' use of the Internet has grown via both tethered and mobile platforms, and people have adopted a wide range of devices to help them manage health and wellness. Consumers have done this largely dis-connected from their physician and the larger health system. This session will focus on the market drivers for patients to adopt and use innovative devices and tools which are being developed by incumbent health care technology players as well as consumer electronics companies and entrepreneurs. Case studies from innovative health providers will highlight how prescribing these tools to patients can bolster self-care and optimal health outcomes.
Session 102Room 252

3:30-04:30 PM

The patient engagement tweetup will be an  opportunity for the #HITsm (health IT social media) and #HCSM community to meet and connect with consumer engagement experts from @HIMSS, @ONC_HealthIT , Society for Participatory Medicine and to discuss how providers can best digitally engage with patients in healthcare. #PatientEngagement Tweetup hosts include:
  • Kate Christensen, MD, Medical Director, Internet Services, Kaiser Permanente @katechrKP
  • Janice Jacobs, Social Media Solutions Owner, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences @JaniceJacobs44
  • Jan Oldenburg, FHIMSS, Vice President, Patient Engagement, Aetna Consulting @Janoldenburg
  • Sherry Reynolds,  Provider Adoption of Patient Centered Care Coordinator, ONC @Cascadia
  • Brad Tritle, CIPP, Director, Business Development, Vitaphone USA @btritle
Lobby G,SM Center

Additionally, HIMSS’ new patient engagement book, Engage! Transforming Healthcare through Digital Patient Engagement will be hitting the shelves for the first time at HIMSS13. Get a sneak peek of the book cover artic beautifully painted by Regina Holliday. and here is a link to her amazing blog Regina Holliday's Medical Advocacy Blog 

Wednesday, March 6
Knowledge Center: Mobile Health Insights on Patient Engagement from a Tech-centric Provider Session
11:15 -11:45AM
 Knowledge Center: Patient & Physician Engagement: Empowered Decision Making to Enhance Quality and Reduce Costs
Session KCS29

Thursday, March 7
Turning Patient Portals into Major EHR Assets
Session 128
Room 288
 #ePatient Tweetup
Session SMC5
Lobby G, SM Center
 #GAhealthIT Tweetup
 Session SMC6
Lobby G, SM Center
Knowledge Center: Implementing Powerful Patient Engagement
Session KCS60

Monday, March 4 - Thursday, 7
Patient Perception of Nurse Relationship During Electronic Health Record Use

Members of the eConnecting Consumer Committee include

Sherry Reynolds (me)
Kate Christensen  
 Jan Oldenburg  
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 
Jon Mertz  
Mary Griskewicz
Tammy Lewis
Brad Tritle  
Janice Jacobs
David Rowe
Valerie Knoke
Cari Mclean
Ileana Balcu


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