Monday, December 31


What is #eHealth100?
A number of people asked me why I often use the #eHealth hashtag (see below) and who the eHealth leaders are on twitter and I thought we should ask the community.

 So I created a new hashtag on Saturday and put out the call for nominations for the top 100 on Satuday with a closing date of Friday Jan 4th  at midnight est.

At that point we will vote through Sunday Jan 6th.

FYI - I am not sponsoring this just collecting the votes for the community nd the most current list is here

 A Few Suggestions

1) Simply tweet the twitter name of the person, organization, govt etc that you want to nominate with the #eHealth100 hashtag. For example - "I nominate @XXXX for the #eHealth100"

2) We love your enthusiasm but please limit your nominations to five (5) or so to allow everyone to participate and so that this is genuinely driven by the grass roots (vs marketing or PR people). You also will be writing a nomination reason for each one you nominate (hopefully) when we get to voting.

(I will try to keep the list of nominees updated once a day) 

What is eHealth?  -eHealth is more than  just the electronic health care system or  "using electronic (“e”) technology — computerization, digitization, the Internet — for improving or managing your health and encompasses a culture shift

 It is a movement  beyond the individual ePatient movement  that Tom Fergueson and Ferguson and Gills Frydman coined in 2004 to reflect those people, providers, patients, employers, organizations even government's that are using technology to empowering entire systems of health to be built on the core value of patient centeredness (or patient designed) as they reach for the Triple Aim objectives
  • Improve the health of the population served
  • Improve the experience of each individual
  • Affordability as measured by the total cost of care.

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