Thursday, October 4

How Many Providers are Using Which EHR

We often hear from some EHR's firms claims they have 150,000 users (vs providers) so I decided to take a look at the latest CMS attestation data to find out exactly which "providers" are using which EHR's well enough to have met meaningful use attestation requirements. The data includes both ambulatory and inpatient but it is easy to run a report on any category you want.

Raw Data 

There are over 415 EHR vendors but the vast majority have less than 100 providers each. Out of the 92,582 attestations the top ten EHR vendors accounted for  68,027 or 73%

As expected the big players are Epic, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks,NextGen, GE Healthcare, Cerner but the next tier have less than 3,000 each. The table below is of the top Ten.

Vendor Attestations
Allscripts Count 11486
athenahealth, Inc Count 2336
BioMedix Vascular Solutions Count 1019
Cerner Corporation Count 3728
Community Computer Service, Inc. Count 1766
eClinicalWorks LLC Count 7101
e-MDs, Inc. Count 1787
Epic Systems Corporation Count 18523
Eyefinity/OfficeMate Count 1521
GE Healthcare Count 5177
Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. Count 2436
McKesson Count 1660
NextGen Healthcare Count 5375
Practice Fusion Count 2196
Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC Count 1916
Grand Count 68027

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