Thursday, July 19

HIMSS Consumer eHealth Pledge - draft

HIMSS pledges to lead the effort to equip clinicians and other front-line personnel with the education, tools and resources needed to make smart decisions on when and how to e- engage consumers to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, safety, and access to healthcare. Through outreach to all facets of HIMSS stakeholders – from leaders to point of care professionals – HIMSS will provide opportunities to members and non-members for involvement in and education on the importance of, and processes for, e-engagement with consumers. These opportunities include in-person and virtual conferences, podcasts, and other learning platforms.

Further, HIMSS will utilize its expansive social media presence to engage an audience beyond its provider-centric audience of 38,000 individual, 120 non-profit members, and 540 corporate members. Through its workforce development efforts, HIMSS will continue to embrace underserved and at-risk populations, as well as the academic community, in the promise of health IT. To ensure a cohesive workforce that is positioned to meet the demands of a transformed health system, HIMSS commits to a robust portfolio of career services to both emerging and advanced professionals.

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