Friday, June 5

Cerner (EMR vendor) sells Patient Data to RX Firms

According to IHealthBeat

Health IT firm Cerner is marketing data from the billions of anonymous patient records it has at its disposal to pharmaceutical companies and researchers, the Kansas City Business Journal reports.

Cerner's data warehouse includes 1.2 billion lab results, as well as smaller numbers of medication orders and other data. The firm collects the information through data-sharing agreements with about 125 of its software clients.

In a statement, Cerner President Trace Devanny said that although the LifeSciences Group is a "minor contribution to our bottom line," Cerner views the division as a "key component of our long-term global growth strategy."

This seems to have floated through the blog sphere with barely a tweet or gasp. It will be interesting going forward to see if patients will be compensated for the use of their data. Clearly it has value.

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