Tuesday, May 12

Marshfield Clinic delivers on clinical transformation (WTN News)

Inverting the EMR model: "“With the avalanche of data, who is going to sort through the noise and get the relevant information at the right time, and what is the role of IT in delivering it?” Carlson said.

When it comes to electronic medical records, the clinic has traditionally been provider/physician centric in terms of how the system has been set up and managed, Christensen said. The approach has been bottom-up, operationally focused, with heavy IT ownership.

Going forward, the future direction of EMRs and EHRs needs to be inverted and become population centric, or constructed from the top down, Christensen said.

“You start with determining the outcome,” he said. “How we are going to measure it, define process changes, then define the type of system changes necessary?”

“What we are getting into is developing a comparative list of patients that ranks the patients who are most at-risk,” Carlson said. “This is a very different model than waiting for the patients to present [with symptoms or illness] before you take action.”

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