Sunday, April 1

ORCAS - About Us

ORCAS - About Us: "About Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc.

The Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc. (ORCAS), applies scientific knowledge and technological innovation to the task of creating commercially successful products that address real-world problems in public health and education.

ORCAS was formed in 1989 by Dennis Ary and John Noell , two research scientists with a passion for using research as a tool to directly benefit people. Dennis and John realized the power of marrying quality research with various forms of multimedia delivery to help people improve their lives. Today our mission remains true to this original vision: Research, Innovation, Results.

Since it was founded, the company has developed a wide range of interactive multimedia programs that blend state-of-the-art principles of behavior change and instructional design with creative use of video and gaming technology. The quality of ORCAS' programs is nationally recognized. We have won first place in the American Public Health Association's electronic media competition, once for our Interactive Health Risk Appraisal , and once for Healthy Eating , our program that assists people in reducing the amount of fat in their diets. In addition, we have won over 20 awards (e.g., Summit, Telly, Communicator, Horizon Interactive…) that acknowledge both the educational impact and the high production values of our interactive video"

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