Friday, March 23

Washington State Budget Highlights | 2007

Washington State Budget Highlights | 2007: "Protects the public health. Investigates communicable diseases in a timely fashion. Promotes public awareness of healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and physical activity. $10 million GF-State

Helps people figure out cost and quality. Supports statewide expansion of the Puget Sound Health Alliance’s common database to provide Washingtonians with accurate, consistent information on the quality and cost of health care services. The Puget Sound Health Alliance brings together providers, carriers, consumers and employers to address health care quality and costs. $2 million Health Services Account

Provides better information for families. Pilots a health care literacy program that gives families the tools they need to make informed decisions about their children’s health, such as when to go to the emergency room and how to take care of common illnesses. Provides grants to local community organizations in a public-private partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson/UCLA Health Care Institute. $442,000 Health Services Account"

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