Thursday, February 1

Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology: "2006: Major Accomplishments

HHS’ many accomplishments on the health IT initiative in 2006 are already beginning to provide tangible value to health-care consumers today, while continuing to build momentum for the rapid advancement of interoperable health IT into the future.

American Health Information Community (AHIC)

In May, 2006, the American Health Information Community (AHIC) delivered its first set of recommendations to the Secretary of HHS. The Secretary officially accepted these unanimous recommendations in four work group areas:

* Consumer Empowerment – To create a consumer-directed and secure electronic health-care registration information and medication history for patients
* Chronic Care – To use secure messaging, such as email, for communication between patients and their health-care providers
* Electronic Health Records – To create standardized, secure records of past and current laboratory test results that is accessible by health professionals
* Bio-surveillance – To enable the transfer of standardized and anonymized health data to authorized public health agencies within 24 hours"

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